Automatic Packaging Machinery
Full-Service and assistance “from A to Z” to satisfy every needs.
From a single component overhaul to a complete packaging line supply.
In-house workshop.
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Top-of-the-range packaging automatic machines.
Up to very high speed production maintaining small dimension.
High Quality and Safety for reliable and durable products.
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Wide range of second hand machines, pertaining to all categories in the packaging field.
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The best technology, the most advanced materials and continuous research to improve both techniques and processes.
Nima Erre.Ti Packaging s.r.l. is a constantly developing company.
We move towards the future by continually developing our ideas and meeting our customers' needs in the world of packaging.

Nima Erre.Ti Packaging s.r.l. is an Eco-Friendly Company that adopts technologies with low environmental impact, using energy produced by solar panels and latest generation of heat pumps for heating, hot water and for summer cooling.