Automatic Packaging Machinery

About Us

Operating since 1984 as a multi-service company for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. In a constant growth, our goal is to set technological standards in the packaging field.
Our thirty-year experience and certified technological expertise allowed us to set up a dynamic company environment that to guarantees a diversified range of services. We operate as a standard workshop to support any costumer’s production department need and as a machinery manufacturer.
In 2000 we presented to the market our first linear Tube Filling and Sealing Machine “MTL 100/2” which was born from a fourthy-years deep experience in classic rotative tube filling machines production; therefore, based on a strong and solid foundation. During the following years, more linear tube filling and sealing machine models got added to satisfy every production reality and needs.
Our Machine assembly is menaged by expert mechanical fitters and built inside our factory.
Our design area has always been attentive to the continuous updating our field requires.
Our highly qualified staff uses top level equipment, absolutely vital element to transform our ideas and your needs into facts.
Always searching for the best quality/price/time ratio, our production department can count on the specialised technicians and all the instruments needed to build the various components as well as provide just in time emergency customer service to our clients.

Quality & Safety

Nima Erre.Ti Packaging s.r.l. has always been very attentive to guarantee the highest quality in every machinery and service we provide, down to the finest detail.
From a Safety prospective, our machines and applications are designed, manufactured and updated according to the regulations currently in force and relative product directives.
Each of our products is marked.

Nima Erre.Ti Packaging s.r.l. is an Eco-Friendly Company that adopts technologies with low environmental impact, using energy produced by solar panels and latest generation of heat pumps for heating, hot water and for summer cooling.